The Pros and Cons of Moving Out of State

Posted on April 28th, 2023

Moving out of state is a major decision that can be exciting, daunting, and potentially life-changing.

Whether you’re moving for a job or getting closer to distant family, no matter how you look at it, an interstate move is a big one with lots of moving pieces.

Before scheduling a mover and packing up for a new state, weighing the pros and cons of a big move is always best. As OKC and Tulsa’s most reliable movers, we value honesty over profit and always give our customers straightforward advice.

Here’s a look at the biggest pros and cons of moving out of state.

Pros of Moving to a New State

New Experiences

Every state has something it’s famous for. California has Hollywood, Florida, its beaches, and Texas, its rodeos and barbecue.

Moving to a different state means experiencing a new culture, climate, and way of life. This can be incredibly enriching, especially if you’ve only known one location for most of your life.

We make moving to a new state simple so you can jump right into activities, hobbies, and adventures in your new community. New experiences in a new state are exciting and we move you toward the fun!

Career opportunities

A new job is one of the biggest reasons you may be moving out of state. Sometimes industry popularity and job availability may shift from state to state.

So, if you aren’t finding opportunities in your area and find that you could get great pay at a sometimes lower cost of living, we say that a long-distance move to climb the corporate ladder is a big plus!

Quality of Life

Whether you live alone or have a family, the quality of life where you live matters. From better schools to improved healthcare systems, moving to a state with a better quality of life than your current location can give you a comfortable environment to thrive for years to come.

Interstate Moves Can Improve Mental Health

For some, moving out of state can provide a fresh start for their mental health. Leaving behind a stressful job, relationship, or living situation can bring peace of mind and renewed hope for the future.

Cons of Moving Out of State

Leaving Behind Family and Friends

Moving to a different state can mean leaving behind loved ones.

Distance can put a strain on your social support system and can make it harder to stay connected. Fortunately, modern technology like Zoom calls and Facetime can help bridge the gap and make your out-of-state move a smoother experience that makes the heart grow fonder rather than ache.

High Cost of Moving

If you work with a moving company that isn’t experienced or specialized in out-of-state moves, the process can be expensive. While we can’t help you save money on buying a new home out of state, we can offer the best moving services in Tulsa and OKC. We know it’s easy for moving costs to add up quickly. That’s why we never sneak in additional costs or cancellation fees and guarantee an honest, upfront quote that won’t come with any surprises on your moving day.

Missing Familiar Comforts

Leaving behind familiar surroundings, such as a favorite restaurant or hiking trail, can be difficult. It can take time to find new comforts and establish a sense of belonging in a new place.

However, once you’ve let our packing services get you settled into your new home, you can quickly get out into your new community and explore the new, soon-to-be familiar comforts right outside your front door.

Ready to Make a Moving Decision? Bigger Better Movers can Help!

Ultimately, moving out of state depends on personal priorities and circumstances. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons carefully and consider all factors, such as career opportunities, cost of living, family ties, and personal happiness.

While all of these factors can seem stressful, Bigger Better Movers can help make sure the stress of the move itself isn’t weighing down your shoulders. From packing to furniture assembly, we have your back.

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