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Moving Costs in Oklahoma City, OK

Moving is a unique experience; how smooth or difficult the task is will depend upon several factors, from the circumstances surrounding the move to your family’s size. Because of this, those facing a move often feel overwhelmed and inconvenienced when the time comes to pack up their belongings and cart them to their new home, however far away it may be.

While many companies try to ease the burden of relocation, not all moving companies are created equal. During your search for movers, you might encounter companies that require all sorts of deposits despite having employees who are not insured or bonded. In such cases, you’re essentially paying a significant sum of money for some guys and a truck.

At Bigger Better Movers, however, our employees are all bonded, insured professionals dedicated to providing excellent customer service and the smoothest move possible. Our services have no hidden costs, deposits, or cancellation fees for most local moves. This is just how we make the moving process as easy as it can be.

Factors That Impact Moving Costs

There are several things to consider when factoring in the cost of moving to your new dream home. For one, you’ll need to consider how far away you’re moving. Local moves tend to be cheaper than long-distance moves for obvious reasons. It’s also important to determine how much you’re taking with you. Moving a few items will likely cost you less than moving a great number of items, especially if you’re using a moving service.

There are also service fees to consider, which will depend on the degree of service you choose. Some people opt to handle local moves on their own, which might be cost-effective when it comes to saving on services, but moving with a personal vehicle is likely going to require several trips and become costly when it comes to filling your car up with gas.

If you’re using a moving service, there are different levels available for different prices. If you want to rent a moving vehicle and still perform the labor yourself, it might be inexpensive but laborious and time-consuming. The same can be said for most storage unit services, as most of the time the labor is on the resident.

Personal moving services typically cost more than self-service moving, but the services included take so much of the struggle out of relocating. You often have a choice between packing your home up yourself and having the movers simply transport your property from one place to another, or you can choose full-service movers. With full-service moving, packing, and transporting your belongings is performed entirely by the movers.

At Bigger Better Movers, we offer all sorts of moving options based on your specific needs. We know the Oklahoma City area and can make routing a move as quick and convenient as possible by factoring in traffic, weather, and distance. We also strive to accommodate all customer budgets so that we are affordable for a wide range of people. When we practice full-service moves, we wrap and package our customers’ property with safety in mind so that we can avoid damages or inconveniences of any kind. Not only will we move your furniture from Point A to Point B, but we will also help place each piece where it needs to go, upstairs or downstairs.

We are both the low-cost leader of Oklahoma City moving services and the highest-quality moving service you will find.

Special Circumstances
There are special conditions that typically impact the price of a move, which may include the complexity of the process, the weight of everything being moved, the distance, or the liability coverage that you need, and the time of year that the move will take place.

Our movers are experienced when it comes to transporting tough-to-pack items, fragile pieces, expensive artwork, and heavy items. We are 100% time-based, so the weight of your property will not affect the cost of moving. Our employees pack with extreme care because we treat our customers’ property as delicately as we would treat our own.

We realize that relocation can be a stressful situation, and that packing and transporting everything you own only adds to that stress. Our company is not the type to nickel-and-dime our customers because we realize that the cost of moving is already significant. There’s a reason why we’re the highest-rated moving company in the Oklahoma City area. It’s because we value our customers and their experience with us more than we value the profits associated with moving.

Give us a call if you have any questions, want to discuss your unique situation, or would like to book your move through Bigger Better Movers.

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