Top Ways to Keep Your Valuables Safe During a Move

Posted on March 17th, 2023

During a big move, the last thing you want to do is unpack your boxes and find damaged or broken valuables. Even if insurance covers your belongings, items damaged during a move take time to replace and can sometimes be irreplaceable. 

At Bigger Better Movers, we stress the importance of keeping your belongings safe during a move. From packing services to helping you label your items by fragility or room, we know how to keep your valuables intact as they travel from your old home to your new one.

Ready to move in Tulsa or Oklahoma City (OKC)? Follow our tips for minimizing your risk of damaged or broken items.

Select a Mover With Packing Services

Your move is going to pile enough stress on your plate. If packing isn’t something you’re experienced with or looking forward to, a moving company with packing services can help alleviate your stress.

At Bigger Better Movers, we offer superior packing services that help make your packing a breeze. Not only will we evaluate your items and pack them correctly, but we will also ensure that your packing comes with everything you need, from bubble wrap to labels, and quality, strong moving boxes.

Make Sure They Have Moving Insurance

If the worst happens, your mover should always have enough insurance coverage to cover your items.

Having a mover with insurance means the insurer can replace any items damaged or lost during the move. Knowing that your valuables are protected and cared for in case of an accident gives you peace of mind. 

Pack Valuables and Fragile Items Separately

Your moving company should completely understand how to pack fragile items. Favorite collections like art pieces and antiques should be packed in their boxes away from other items that could damage them during the move. 

Also, remember to pack these items with enough protection and padding to ensure they don’t mistakenly bump into each other forcefully as the moving truck makes its trek to your final destination.

This tip also protects fragile items like china dishes and glasses.

Label, Label, Label!

While we’re on the subject of keeping your items separated and organized, one of the easiest ways to prevent mishaps during a move is to keep your different boxes labeled.

The most important label to consider when aiming for safety is the famed “FRAGILE” label. When you label boxes as fragile, your movers can instantly know to handle certain boxes with ease.

While our movers treat every box like it is full of our own goods, having this label provides a little added peace of mind during your hectic move.

Pack Heavier to Lighter

Packing heavier items on the bottom and lighter ones on top is crucial when packing moving boxes. This will prevent any of your belongings from being crushed or damaged due to the weight of other boxes. 

 Packing heavier items at the bottom makes it easier for movers to stack multiple boxes without worrying about them toppling over or collapsing under their weight. By taking this step when packing your items, you can ensure that your valuables remain safe and sound throughout their journey.

Ask About Furniture Disassembly Services

You probably don’t disassemble and reassemble furniture daily. So, trying to do this yourself on your move-out day could pose an unsafe challenge for you and your furniture.

Our furniture assembly services ensure your furniture is assembled correctly in your new home, and you won’t have to worry if that sofa’s leg is appropriately attached. Let Bigger Better Movers help you save time and money!

Take the Stress Out of Moving With Bigger Better Movers

Whether you’re moving within Tulsa and OKC or interstate, the team at Bigger Better Movers can get your life boxed up and settled in safely at your new location.

Don’t rely on any guy with a truck. Let the hometown heroes help you during your next move.

Contact us today to get your move on our schedule!

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