5 Interstate Moving Mistakes Bigger Better Movers Helps You Avoid

Posted on March 27th, 2023

Moving out of state is always a challenging process. From getting interstate moves finalized to ensuring your home is ready upon arrival, it’s easy to make mistakes during such a high-tension time.

Your interstate move should be full of excitement and promise, don’t let regret be something you look back on when you think about your big moving day.

At Bigger Better Movers, we specialize in working with Tulsa and Oklahoma City families that are ready to move out of state. 

Here are 5 big moving mistakes we can help you avoid.

Booking a Moving Company in a Rush

You want your move to go perfectly and according to plan. This all starts with booking your moving team in advance. Letting other moving responsibilities like packing and wrapping up your employment exit can easily put this necessity on the back burner.

Don’t book any company in a rush. Booking an interstate moving company in a rush can be disastrous and often lead to costly mistakes. Not only do you risk hiring the wrong kind of mover, but you may also find yourself paying more than necessary for services that don’t meet your needs. 

When it comes to booking an interstate move, it pays to take your time and carefully consider all available options. Research every potential company’s services, check their reviews and get a first-hand testimonial.

The bottom line is you should be looking months in advance to ensure you have the weeks leading up to the move to prepare with a moving team that knows how to get your interstate move on the road.

Trying to Pack on Your Own

Moving interstate is a major undertaking, and one of the most important decisions you’ll make is whether to hire professional movers or attempt to pack everything yourself. Packing on your own can be time-consuming and stressful, but it also carries certain risks that could end up costing you more money in the long run. Hiring movers with packing services eliminates many of these risks and ensures that all of your belongings are safely packed for transport.

Not Scheduling Storage

No matter how well-planned your interstate move is, there are bound to be surprises when you arrive at your new home. The last thing you want to worry about is not having enough space in your home for all your belongings.

Scheduling storage for interstate moves is quite common. Some families hold onto them for years, storing items; some only use storage temporarily until they find a new home for their past possessions.

Bigger Better Movers has the industry connections to help you find a reliable, secure storage facility in your new state. Having a lot of clutter in your new home is stressful; let us help you find extra space for unexpected items.

Using Old or Low-Quality Packing Supplies

Some people save packing supplies from past moves or invest in low-quality equipment to save money on an expensive move.

We say packing supplies are the last place to scrimp and save. Going the extra mile on packing supplies helps guarantee your items are padded and packed to perfection as they make their way across state lines.

If you really want to ensure high-quality materials and effort, let our packing experts get the work done for you. We know how to pack your home up efficiently and minimize the risk of damage as we travel to your new home. 

Forgetting About Essential Declutter

Remember that storage space we mentioned? You could knock out two birds with one stone by performing a massive deck uttering effort before your move. 

Holding a garage sale, selling, donating, or even trashing old household items you no longer use will save you a lot of space, time, and money. Most movers charge by the hour and can even increase prices based on the gas they use to transport your goods.

Essentially, the more you can declutter and get rid of before your interstate move, the more you will save money during the process.

Make Your Interstate Move a Breeze With Bigger Better Movers

Let Bigger Better Movers be your guide out of Oklahoma, whether you’re moving one state away or cross-country. 

Our team of experienced movers can help you make your interstate move a pleasant, stress-free experience that ensures your belongings remain intact.

You should always plan for interstate moving, and we’re ready to fill out our schedule! Contact us today to learn more about our process, plan your move, or get a date pinned down on our calendar.


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