Top Items Your Mover Can’t Move or Pack for You

Posted on June 17th, 2022

Moving is always a challenge. No one truly realizes how much stuff they own until it is time to pack and move. This is why hiring professional movers is always such a relief when trying to move the contents of their home or business.

Sometimes, however, there are certain items a moving company is prohibited from moving or may not want to move because of internal business policies. It is important that you know what these items are to make other arrangements to move or dispose of them.

  1. Hazardous Materials

    These items include, but are not limited to:

      • Batteries – Including Household, car, and mobility vehicle batteries
      • Household cleaning products and corrosive cleaners like silver polish
      • Nail polish remover
      • Lawn and garden chemicals
      • Gas, oil, and similar automotive products
      • Compressed gas cylinders, including propane tanks for BBQ grills
      • Firearms, ammunition, and gunpowder
      • Fireworks or similar explosives

    Speak with your Tulsa movers to find out if they have any additional hazardous materials they cannot move.

  2. Perishable Foods

    Residential moves include moving all the items from the kitchen. Your movers will not move any perishable food items because of the potential to spoil. Additionally, they recommend that you do not move any non-perishable food items that are in glass containers.

  3. Live Plants

    Residential and commercial moves often include interior decor. This may include household plants. Your movers will not move plants of any size or type. Many states have laws about moving plants more than 150 miles from origin or across state lines. This is because the plants and soil have bacteria and other issues that may be harmful to a new environment.

  4. Pets

    Movers will not move your pets for obvious reasons. The trucks are too hot, and your pets could die from the heat. Additionally, your pets would be scared. If your pets cannot move with you in your personal vehicle, there are special services that can transport your pets to your new home.

  5. Personal Documents, Heirlooms, Collectibles, and Valuables

    It is always in your best interest to move these items with your own vehicle. This ensures that these important pieces and documents are always in your possession. Businesses are encouraged to move sensitive files, paperwork, and computer systems separately from other items in their business and offices. This will secure these items and keep them all together during your move.

Have Your Belongings Moved Safely With Bigger Better Movers

If you have questions about what can be moved by professional movers, you are encouraged to call Bigger Better Movers. One of our friendly staff members can go over all of the items that can and cannot be moved by a professional moving company.

Moving the contents of your home or office does not have to be a challenge. Contact us and find out how much easier moving can be when you use an affordable professional mover.


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