Should You Hire A Professional Mover or Ask Your Friends for Help?

Posted on October 17th, 2022

Moving is by no means a cheap endeavor, nor should it be. You may be considering asking friends to help you with a DIY move in exchange for pizza or Thai food to save some money.

Sure, that was acceptable in college or your very early 20s. However, time changes all, especially how you approach your moving strategies.

Should You Hire a Moving Company?

You’re an adult now with a steady income and a much larger volume of items that must be carefully packed and moved. A DIY move may sound good in theory. Still, at the end of the (long) day, you’ll likely spend comparable amounts of money, expend a vast amount more time on the move, and wind up exhausted in your new home with your friends exhausted and likely frustrated with providing free labor.

Don’t skimp on moving handled by experienced professionals to save a few hundred dollars. Do things right and protect your property with a professional OKC moving company.

  1. Save Time and Energy

  2. There’s no way around it; hiring professional movers costs money. Yet, before you balk at even the cheapest moving companies in OKC and Tulsa, consider the value of your time and energy and the time and energy of the friends you may ask to help.

    A moving company will arrive promptly and reliably to move your things quickly and efficiently, giving you time to handle other tasks like clean-up or packing the last-minute items you will need right away in your new house. Your time and energy are worth the cost of bringing in a professional moving company.

  3. Better Level of Protection

  4. When you’re moving a whole home or apartment, there’s always the risk of damage to your items. Dishware can shatter, a table leg can break, boxes can be improperly sealed, and various unforeseen accidents can damage your things.
    Also, you can cause damage to the place you are moving out of or into. Furniture can scrape walls and door frames or leave scratches on the hardwood.

    Even worse, if a friend is injured while moving your items, you are the responsible party, putting yourself at risk of a lawsuit or having to take responsibility for paying expensive medical bills.

    Experienced movers are knowledgeable about how to move your items carefully and safely. They know how to load a truck to protect items marked as fragile and how to wrap and protect items like televisions or lamps. A licensed mover also comes with standard insurance that ensures your belongings, family, and team remain safe and covered throughout the move.

    If you try to save money by calling up your buddies rather than professional movers and your TV drops and breaks, you will spend a lot more than you would if you had just trusted your things with a licensed moving company.

  5. Moving Gear

  6. Let’s face it, moving is a pain. That’s why there is equipment designed to make things easier. A professional moving company will come prepared with dollies, ramps, cords, lifts, and essential moving training.

    During a DIY move, you will have to go through the hassle of renting all the equipment on your own and returning it after. This costs you time and takes money out of your pocket that could have been spent on peace of mind with a professional moving team.

  7. The Awkward Factor

  8. An undeniable awkward factor comes from asking friends to help you move. You should know about your move early enough to budget for professional movers.

    Asking friends to trade a good chunk of their weekend after a long work week not only puts awkward pressure on them to feel like they have to say yes, it makes you look like you may not really “have it together” life-wise.

    They will feel guilty and likely help you move, although they would rather be doing most anything else. Is it worth infusing that awkwardness to save some money? That is a harsh statement, but very accurate.

  9. The Final Costs

  10. Finally, when you consider renting your moving van, items like dollies and cords, and the potential cost of damaged items, hiring professional Tulsa or OKC movers will likely be a comparable or more reasonable expense.

    The cost of a moving team depends on when you plan on moving, how much you’re moving, and whether or not your move is local or long distance.


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